HGSIL and moderate Dysplasia?

I went to the dr today and had my colposcopy and biopsy today. She took 2 samples and did a scrape inside my cervix. It looked like a mascara brush. I was told up to 10 days for my results. If I have to have a cone biopsy or LEEP done I have to go to the hospital because my cervix tilts too much for them to do in office. Then a hysterextomy afterwards.
My initial pap results was HGSIL with Moderate Dysplasia, whatever that means.
My husband is a truck driver, so I’m on my own with all of this. I had to tell my kids what was going on. Well, at least my older 2, I haven’t said anything to my 5 year old and honestly wouldn’t even know how right now.
I know I am all over the place with this and I am sorry. I have never been this scared over anything in my entire life and have nobody to talk to about it.
I just felt like I’ve been served a death warrant.

Please try not to worry that much!

Moderate dysplasia is cin 2. It means that some precancer cells are present, but it does not always turn into cancer, and it takes a while in case it turns into cancer, so if biopsy confirms that it is cin 2, they will remove the dysplasia and you'll be fine.

It could also be cin 1, which is mild dysplasia. For example, my paps were HSIL and my bipsies were cin 1. But it could also be cin 3, which is severe dysplasia. That is worse than cin 2, but nothing to worry about now that you caught it in time! They will remove the bad cells and check it like every six months.

Why do you say that the next step after one leep or cone is a hysterectomy? Have you had any leep or cone in the past? You can have several leeps done before hysterectomy.

HPV is very common, so please don't think about cancer. Did they tell you anything during the colposcopy that made you worry that much?

No, this is the first time for any of this. The hysterextomy was if there wasn't cancer and something she brought up. Preemptive maybe? I don't know. 

I always go worse case, it's how I function, not to say it's healthy ;-) 

Wouldn't a hysterextomy have it where there wasn't the reassurance? 

I wouldn't think about hysterectomy now. Most probably your biopsies will show some grade of dysplasia. They will remove it with a leep and check it every six months or so. Most probably you'll be fine after leep.

If there is no cancer, why would she suggest a hysterectomy?

Sometimes during the colspocopy they see no dysplasia at all, but the pap says HSIL. In these cases with contradictory results they usually perform the leep, because sometimes the dysplasia is there although they can't see it with the colposcopy.

But in your case she took two biopsies, so I assume she saw something.

If she brings up the hysterectomy again, ask her why if you haven't got a leep yet.

I go in on Tuesday to talk to her about having either a cone biopsy or hysterextomy. She said I don't have enough cancer, just the previous cancer cells