hey there

hey there! i was just wondering if there is anything going on. any coffee days where we can meet up anything where i can talk to someone in the same boat. :roll:

Not that I know of as yet
Probably when the weather warms up :wink:

Hi Shaz,

Where are you based? I met a few Jo’s Trust girls the other day and we were talking about arranging something London way quite soon.

If anyone fancies getting the ball rolling? Suggested dates? Venue? It is amazing how the weeks roll by and we should get a date in the diary to give everyone the opportunity to come along.

Any volunteers :?:

Bethany x :wink: x

How about a lunch on a weekend in Mid March?

We were talking about central london somewhere to make it easier for everyone to come a long.

Z x

Go idea zoe,
I’m very willing to meet up with you guys.
My attempt wasn’t too popular , no offence beth, marion and irene! :oops:


How about the weekend 24th March. I can’t do the week before. Anyone else??

Bethany x :wink: x

Don’t worry Michele…I haven’t taken offence!!

Definitely a good idea. march sounds good but when is Easter this year.

somewhere central in or around London sounds good.

weekends best for those who are working.

let me know if I can help.

Sounds good to me!

Mellissa x