hey lovely ladies - cin1 to cin2 in 6months

hi all. 


so last march i had a colp and biopsies taken, the letter told me i had a minor abnormailty and that was all, didnt tell me exacrtly what they found, so i just assumed from the wording it was cin1. 

so i had a repeat colp and biospy taken at the end of august. i hadnt received my results, had been waiting for the postman every morning, so today i had a hospital app, so stopped by the unit, and they told me the results where sent, and i said that i havent recieved them, if i did i wouldnt be standing there. 

anyway, she couldnt tell me anything and apperently wasnt allowed to tell me or print me off the letter i was sent, all she said was i had an app for another 6months time, which she would print out, i wasnt fussed, as i knew i had a gynae app in 10 mins and i could get the results. i assumed that as i had an app for 6months it must be cin1. 

so the doctor i saw in my app, brought it up pretty much straight away and i told her what i was told before i came into the app, so she told me, apperently i had cin1 back in march and that i know have cin2. from what i have read they usually remove cin2, but they have choose the wait and see approach, 

has anyone waited to see what happenes with cin2? my doctor actually went to the colp unit to speak to some one to make sure that they have made the right choice, and they said yes they have and they will see me in march. 

im feeling fine about waiting, im a little concerened that i have gone from cin1 to cin2 in 6 months. but hopefully it will all be okay in 6months time.