Hey guys

Hey guys just a quick one :p

waiting for nurse to ring me back but don't think she is as I've

been waiting sice yesterday... So thought I'd ask you lot 

I'm 8 weeks post tracheletomy and haven't had my period

yet so just wondering when you had yours ? Ad was it normal as I'm spotting but it's not a period 


thanks xxx

Hi Pab. My periods came back more or less straight away, however it can take alot of time for some people- all perfectly normal with what our bodies have been through. How long have you been spotting? If itd just started it may be the start of your period. I used to start my period full flow but since the op I get a bit of spotting before it starts properly. The other thing which may be happening is that scarring is stopping some of the blood getting through. This is fairly common and can be sorted pretty easily. Hope that helps and I hope you get your period soon. Mine were ridiculously heavy when they came back so also don't worry too much if this happens xxxx

I've been 2 months without one now since my op got a follow up in august so I don't know to just wait to see my oncologist

i just get twinges in my bello now and again but no cramps or blood :s