Here we go

So I have my treatment start date on Monday, 5 weeks of chemorads followed by brachy therapy. 

Ive been going through the motions of life these past weeks waiting to get started. Now that it’s finally here im a bundle of emotions. Scared for the future, I keep thinking I’m going to die. I had a letter from the doctors and the words para nautic and stage 3 made me feel sick to my stomach. I just want to be better and see my children grow up. I’m so scared of leaving them. I’ve been having a look on here and seen a few posts where ladies have lost their lives:( 

Other part feels positive and glad it’s starting so I can fight this bastard!

Dont know why I’m posting really, I’m just airing my thoughts to people that know what this feels like. 


Hi Locket

I can only imagine how tough this has all been for you, I think we were diagnosed at a similar time. I’m currently not requiring chemorads but I’m definitely thinking of you! Before I got my staging I remember thinking if I can get 10 years my kids will be adults, my kids have actually been my main concern through it all.

Try to think about all the positive stories on here of women who are NED from lymph node involvement. 

You’ve got this!


Thank you, I appreciate it. 

Just want someone to say your going to be ok. 


Locket, plenty of stage 3 survivors and even stage 4! You got this hun!

Hi Locket,

There are just as many suvivors on here so focus on their stories.

i know exactly how you feel tho, I was diagnosed with cc stage 3b in February, when I heard those words my whole world fell apart and all I could think was ‘ I’m not ready to die’

i also had 5 weeks of chemorads 3  bracytherapy I’m now 6 weeks post treatment just had my check up and oncologist is happy with how everything looks. So stay positive it’s half the battle and really does help 

Marie x

Hi Locket,

I just wanted to to wish you the best of luck for the start of your treatment tmrw, hope all goes well.  Thought I would message now as off to Glasgow shortly to see P!nk.

I have my 2nd leep tmrw so will hopefully know my treatment plan soon, so both of us are a step closer tmrw.

Will be thinking about you. Go smash it girl!!!!! Xx

Good luck tomorrow Locket xx

Enjoy P!nk! Will be fabulous xx

Good luck today Locket!

i’ll be Thinking away about you xx

Good luck for today xx

Goodluck hun. You are going to be ok :)

So just got back. Chemo day is long day, left at 7.45 to drop kids at child minders and just walked through door. 

So here we go! I feel ok today just a little tired. 


Chin up Locket, you got this girl!  x

Well done Locket, first day done I found it was always the worst cos it’s all new. Hopefully it’s all a little easier now you know how it all works.

Chemo day is a long ass day and is tiring just sat about for that amount of time. Take books/magazines to read download films or music and sleep that’s what I did.

chemo day for me was an 11hr day with travelling, proper draining.

stay positive and it will all soon be over now it’s started, it doesn’t seem like it now but it does go by quite quickly. Well done again

Marie x