here we go again!

So its that time for the year again my six monthly smear has been brought forward and they want me in on Tuesday for a smear, colpocopy and poss biopsies once again surely fourth time lucky, surely!!!!! This last year and eight months I feel I have wished away waiting for results, appointments, tests and treatment. Fingers crossed everyone I wont need a fourth lletz. Best of luck to you all out there.


Debs x :-)

Best of luck Debs

I really hope you get clear results this time and get a break from it all xx

Thanks for your reply, hows things with you I saw your post about your lletz under GA did you get through to your nurse? 

Hi Debs,

Hope you are doing OK.

I didn't call the hospital back in the end.  I decided just to wait and am hoping that now its more than 2 weeks since the biopsies (they removed some warts and sent them away to be checked as well) that no news is good news.    Still tense and cant wait to get home and see if the postman has been but not as stressed as I was.

Thanks for asking.