Here we go again

Hey ladies, 


So, in 2013 when I was 25 I had LLETZ to remove CIN 3 cells. I had been requesting a smear since I was 21 as I had my daughters aged 16 & 19 but this was always refused. 


In the last 12 months I’ve had weird cloudy/clear discharge, which doesn’t smell but is really thick at times. Like the ‘plug’ before labour. It’s everyday. I’ve noticed my periods have been heavier and more painful on reflection too and I’ve had back pain which I thought was down to a lumber puncture I had in July 2017.


Anyway I had my smear today, smear results were inconclusive 12 weeks ago, the nurse was concerned as she could see that my cervix was red, sore and had blood spots. She also commented about the discharge. She advised me to book an appointment with the women’s health Gp....... but she’s got no availablility for a month! Ridiculous as I’ll have my smear results by then!! 


I think i know what what the results will be. I’m trying to brace myself. 



It would be a good idea to have your discharge swabbed. Mine keeps coming back as thrush which explains it to some degree. Mine smells very thrush like too though!