Here we go again round 2!


The dreaded time of receiving my letter from my smear results saying I’m having to go back to colposcopy (yes I cried for an hour haha)

My first time was three years ago, I had high grade severe changes and underwent treatment. The doctor did say that if I was thinking of having children now would be the time within the three years as I’ll be prone to miscarrying if I have to do it again (I wasn’t ready for children).

Three years on, I’m back to square one and didn’t take the doctors advice on having children haha but my results this time weren’t high grade severe which is good I guess? but still there is changes lol I’m so scared and anxious because it’s the second time I’ve ever had this done they’re both back abnormal, I’m now more upset at the chances of me not being able to carry if treatment was to go ahead, I know everyone is different but I’ve never forgotten them words she said for three years and me and my boyfriend have been together 7 years and it’s something we do talk about wanting sooner rather than later but this has now put a spanner in the works.

I’ve got endless questions I want to ask and I’m not to sure how to put it or who to ask so heres a few lol.

1, what will happen if in another three years my smear is changing cells again for the third time, how many times can my cervix take the treatment before its done for and a hysterectomy is on the table - would that be offered in the long run?

2, Is there anybody who’s had treatment twice been able to carry a child or is it really a 50/50 chance? I know there will be and everyone’s different but I need to be hopeful!

3, How do people cope with their anxieties and worries about their future after bad smears one after the other? I’m mentally drained for worrying so much and thinking about my partner in the long run I don’t want to be a burden on stopping him being able to have his own children if this is just going to keep happening. (I know dramatic much but honestly all these silly thoughts just run through my head)

Sorry for the essay but thank you for taking the time to read and put my silly brain to ease, it’s gonna be a long month, roll on 30th Sept to get it over with and chew the doctors ears with questions lol!

Hello sorry that you are having a hard time honestly this HPV is such a difficult one!!. I believe there is women that had LLETZ treatment 2 times and were able to carry a baby they do close monitoring . But do you need 2 treatment now or they are telling you you can wait? Have your results always been cell changes after your Lletz? Or HPV positive? Or you had clear ones after?


This is only my second time doing this, I’m 28 now. I had that treatment three years ago and the cell changes have come back again, I feel cursed haha. I’m not sure yet, I’m there on the 30th of this month for biopsy but they’ll let me know then if I need treatment, they did last time anyways but I’ve been reffered to a different hospital this time round. I’m just really nervous but I know it’s for the best.

Good luck for the 30th
Try and don’t over think it I know really hard to do but staying positive has helped me a lot mentally the way I go about it is ,if I need more treatment then I will just have to do it because not getting treated is just not an option life is too precious and the fact that regardless of needing treatment or not ,waisting day after day depressed and down because of it is just a waste of life. Take care and let me know how you get on.