Here We Are Again... :-(

Hello, I'm new to this forum *waves* I thought I'd join as I don't really have any friends who can relate to this (which is a good thing for them - not wishing it on them at all).

So, as you can see from my sig at the bottom, I first had a smear in 2008, aged 19. This was due to bleeding during intercourse and pain. GP thought it was a polyp and referred me for a colposcopy where CIN 2 was found with HVP+ results also. I was going Camp America that summer so I went and then had another biopsy done 4 months later which showed CIN3. I then had LLETZ treatment 4 weeks later. Got an infection and was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and then everything seemed ok.

Fast forward a few years and I'd had two clear smears, however in May last year I started to get my old symptoms back. I went to the GP and wasn't examined, I was told  that I couldn't have smear as I wasn't due for one until Oct 2014 (despite my symptoms). Went back to GP in Jan this year and then again in Aug for the same symptoms, plus also lower ab pain. He suggested I had a wheat allergy?? I told him that I had my smear coming up this year and asked if we could move it forward, the answer was no. So I waited for my letter and I've ust been to my GP for my smear this week. Nurse couldn't do it as there was a large growth in the way so she called in the doctor. She has referred me for a colposcopy ASAP and also an ultrasound scan which I'm having on Thurs due to my lower ab pain also. No one was able to answer any of my questions and I felt very upset and neglected - the GP wouldn't even explain what the growth is other than it may be a possible tumour.

I booked a private appointment with BUPA that cost me £255 to see a specialist for 30 mins where he examined me properly, took the smear and also sent away for a HPV test (which cost a further £300). All done within two days and he's really made me feel better, answered all my questions and put me at ease. He's explained that it is most possibly a tumour on my cervix but 95% sure it's non cancerous. The relief is beyond great. He did say that with me being HPV+ again suggests the CIN is back but I'm currently awaiting my colposcopy and ultrasound. He seemed to think that the tenderness from my internal examination (not nice at all) was from a cyst possibly in my uterous and also the tumour. Ah well, will just have to see. Either way, I'll need LLETZ again to at least remove the tumour, also the CIN cells if the sods happen to be there too.

So sorry for the babble and cake for all if you've made it through my ramblings. Suppose I'm just a bit fed up with it all starting again. Feel like I could have stopped all this if I was given a smear last year but then again that's impossible to say. Is anyone still HPV positive in their adult life? Does it mean the CIN will keep coming back if your body doesn't seem to get rid of the virus?

Thank you all and happy weekend :) x

Hi jelly bean,


Im sorry for all the worry youve been going through. Im one of those people where hpv seems to stick around, im not sure what can be done except regular monitoring with smears etc. Remember hpv can be considered normal flora and fauna of the vagina as everyone pretty much has it. Really hope you get yourself sorted soon.


All the best


Jess xxx

Hi Jess, thank you for your post.

Suppose I'm just a bit fed up but ah well, it has to all be done. If HPV is found again have you had annual smears or is it the same as normal and go back to 5 yearly ones?

Thank you for the suppost and I hope you're ok too.

Lucy xxx

Hiya, im on yearly smears. Your supposed to be on yearlys for at least 10 years after a lletz. I think i would protest if they tried to put be on every three years. Do you know when you get your results? 


Jess xxx

I got dropped onto 3 yearly smears after my LLETZ :( I had one 6 months later, then two ones annually, then onto three years. I went with symptoms half way through my 3 year wait and was told I couldn't have another one, hence why in the end I paid to go private.

Got a scan on Thurs so hopefully will get the results within a week and then got to await the results of my colposcopy biopsy so that could take up to 3 weeks. I know I need to have the growth removed via cone biopsy anyway so just wish they'd book me in for it in the meantime a and then just add the CIN cells to it once they know. Wanted to get it all sorted and out the way before Christmas but I doubt it will happen. xx

Every three years? Thats surely too long. But youre being seen to now, so thats good.  Wishing yiu all the best with your scan and biopsy results. Xxx