here comes the girls refund


just woundering if any one as yet had a refund fom this event ? as me and michelle are waiting to hear something i have sent several emails with no look i cant find a contact number either i feel that it is very un proffesional of them to not 1) either send payment asap 2) have the decency to email back like ive said before i have spent more then enough on hotel and train down n still have to come even though the event isnt on im really peed off at the mo and i still might end up losing over 100 pounds if my health dont get any better before next week :frowning: fed up debi x

Ive had no joy either chick…
They said that they’d deal with refunds after the easter bank holiday which is now!!
I’m also out of pocket due to this whole palava and yeah I think theyve been quite unprofessional in dealing with the cancellation cock up!! x x


snowy hav u heard owt as yet robert is sending an email to find out wot is goin on ?

its been more then long enuff and when u got nowt it seems silly sat in there bank im really fed up and this has knocked it on head for any other commitments this year xxx

love debi x


I think that this is absolutely disgraceful from the organisers of this event… As it was all in the name of Jos, I believe Rob that we should kick up a right stink - or even re-imburse these women from Jos and reclaim the money back from the event organisers…

The girls out of pocket have spent this money to support their beloved charity and instead been left feeling let down and totally “skint”…

I totally understand why you feel so upset, and the others like u… shocking…


I have not had my refund either …



Good news… It didnt affect myself personally, but did to so many of the Jos ladies, who cant afford to be losing this sort of money, so I am glad that its now being sorted.

Thank u for keeping us informed.


Got my cheque…pity its made out to the wrong bloody person…lol!!! x