Hemorrhage After LLETZ + Everted Cervix

Hello Ladies,

orry not been online, but had a bit of an eventfull 2 weeks.

I wonder if anyone can help?

I have suffered a very bad hemorrhage exactly 2 weeks aftre my 2nd LLETZ. Started at about 5pm Wednesday (7/11) night, I thought I was being over sensitive. By 10 pm, I was going through a pad every 5-10 mins, decided to make my way to A&E. My hemoglobine went from 13.5 on the admission to 7.5 at 3am. This is when the doctor decided to take me to the teathre and perform an emergency opp. The best looking aneasthtetist in the world was presnt! How embaressing. At least they let me out by Frioday night, was so happy to be in my own bed :slight_smile:

But, all in all, I am feeling much better.

Although had to go to my GP last Friday with something completly different and by off chance asked if he had my pathology report, as not heard anything from my consultant.

The GP logged onto system and the report was ready on 2/11/2012! 5 days before my hemorrahage!

So in the macroscopy bit it says : everted cervic 33 x 25 x 22mm
And then it goes on to describe the microscopy for it, i.e. CIN 1 - 3, high glandural changes, HPV and CIN still visible on margines.

Could anyone explain to me the macroscopy bit though?

Just so I can get preparred for talking to my consultat when he finally writes to me.

Thanks Ladies :slight_smile:

Tina x

PS Does anyone know if the 33 x 25 x 22mm means the size of the biopsy or the cervix itself? I was never given the pathology report from my 1st LLETZ, was just told to show up for a 2nd procedure.

But from what I’ve gathered 33 x 25 x 22 is a rather large area of tissue to take out? Sorry if I’m panicking:) Thanks x

Sorry to hear you had to go through the trauma of a big bleed like that. It must have been very scary. I’m glad you’re ok now.
I think (and don’t quote me on this) that the macroscopic part is what they can see with their eyes and microscopic is what they see under the microscope. Everted means that you had ectropian or erosion on your cervix, which are both normally benign conditions that need no treatment. I imagine the size of the biopsy taken (the measurements mentioned) is larger because of the glandular changes and them wanting to see how far in they go. The good news is that from what you’ve put there, everything is pre-cancerous. It’s a shame your margins weren’t clear. Mine weren’t either, but the letter I got from the GYN said that although the abnormality extended to the edges of the sample, the electrical effects of the LLETZ go further, so I was almost certainly completey cured. I have since had a hysterectomy for other reasons, but the GYN was right. The pathology report from the hysterectomy says there was no abnormality in or on my cervix. Before my LLETZ, I had a couple of nebothian cysts which freaked me out a bit, but they were completely benign and had nothing to do with the CIN3.
Don’t you hate all the stupid waiting for everything! It’s enough to drive a person completely batty. I’d be calling the consultant and giving a bit of a hurry up if I were you. It does your head in just not knowing exactly what’s going on or what going to happen. I hope you heal up really quickly with no further complications. hugz