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what you all should know

I have to post this in order to try and be of some help to the ladies
who in the future may post to this site.
I was diagnosed on April 1st 2010 with cervical cancer 1b1. I was 63 then.
Once i made my decision to have chemoradiotherapy I trawled the net to see what I
could do to help myself.
I found that if i used aqueous cream on the area that was going to be irradiated every day before treatment it would help.So i asked when i had my interview before treatment and they said it was ok to use it.
Every morning after my shower i rubbed it in the whole area, not too much just enough to make your skin feel soft.
Three days before chemo eat a piece of crystalized ginger every day, carry it with you afterwards even
when you have medications to stop sickness it is always handy.
Drink a pint of water on your way to your radiotherapy treatment and do not empty your bladder until
after treatment. Remeber to do the same thing on your planning appointment.
To protect your bowels every day take yakult(pro-biotic drink) or (and) aloe vera drink.
During the last week of treatment you will wonder if any of this works! Trust me it does.None of us
gets away with it.however this regime will help you to help yourself.
I cant walk the same walk of the wonderful women who regularly post here regardless of their own trials with lifes troubles.
However this is my small contribution god bless you all

Hi. That's so nice of you to post x 

I just wanted to say however that I was told not to use creams that I hadn't previously used just in case of allergic reactions. I can't imagine though than anyone would be allergic to aqueous though.

Also, I have to empty my bladder before I have my radiotherapy.  The radiologists come out 5 mins before my treatment to send me for a wee! 

Must admit though, I've not heard of anyone anywhere else that does this.

My hospital seems to be different to others with everything though

Hi Katie :-)

Many thanks for posting this. I wonder if the site would consider having a 'sticky' thread for tips when having treatment.

They tell you that in case you use creams with lots of additives in which maybe /might cause a reaction. So many ladies got burnt or their skin was sore, I was fine. They would rather give you cream when you have a problem than let you use aqueous cream, that to me is madness, and only cause distress to the person who is suffering enough already. I asked before hand, and nurses and the consultant told me it was fine, and so it was.

I must also add. advice about dilator. No one wants to use it but it is a must in the early days after treatment use plenty of lube. After a few months you can go down to twice a week, and use replens. Replens I still use now on a regular basis. Tou see your tissues have been burnt by radio , so they become weaker and dryer. By using replens 3 times a week, it keeps the tissues moist , and therfore less likely to stick together.

Ach! Double-post!

Very useful tip, though by 'sticky' thread I meant one with a drawing pin symbol on it that remains at the top of the front page no matter how long it's been there :-)