helpful book - The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer

Hi all,
After my battle with cancer I wrote this book which I am just trying to get 'out there' so it can hopefully help as many women as possible.  It's not my experience as such, more trying to give as much information as possible about getting through all the lifestyle effects of cancer - like explaining cancer to children, how you can try and make yourself feel better, the emotional side of cancer etc etc...  It has tips and ideas from women with different types of cancer.

The feedback I have already had is that friends and family find it incredibly useful so they can understand what their loved on is going through so I just thought that I would share in a hope that it may help some of you on here.
Just search The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer on Amazon.
Love NB


Ive just purchased this off Amazon,I look forward to reading it. 

Nicola x