Hi, just after some advise really.

I got a letter friday advining i had low grade d and evidence of HPV infection, i have been a wreck all weekend crying. Spoke to the hospital yesterday who told me they would ring me with a appointment, i rang back today to be told my appointment is on 8th may and is a routine check nothing urgent. Just wondered if anybody has had this before as i have read in this forum have getting there appointments within 2 weeks. She has told me its not urgent so am i just worrying over nothing?


hi cgore, im assuming that in your blind panic you mean low grade cin1, it means u have a few very very minor changes could even be an infection, but to be sure they need to keep an eye on you, in most cases cin1 will disappear on its own, the body fights it, but in some ladies they cant and need a helping hand, first of all dont go googling its really is no good for you lol. just make sure u keep all ure appointments, they will keep a very good check on you, and id like to say dont worrry, but that isnt going to happen, fingers crossed this will just pass on its own. these groups are an absolute godsend in times like this, but because we are all over the world, responses will come in at diff times, chin up xxxxx



Although I am well aware how easy it is to panic - a mild result is actually quite common, I think around 1 in 20. The likelyhood is they just need to keep an eye on you, however as they now do the HPV testing they will get you in straight away if you are positive.  I would try not to worry, it probably is only mild and most people clear the HPV infection within a couple of years, but either way they have caught any changes early and can keep a close eye on you



I think 8th May sounds about right. Guess it depends which area you live in. You are naturally bound to worry as you are without answers. You’ve done right by coming on here as people who’ve been through this process can help support you. I don’t know if it helps but my initial smear came back as borderline but I think I had about a months wait between results & hospital appt. I’ve since been and although they’ve found high grade abnormalities & I’ve had some treatment they don’t rush things. Cell changes can happen very slowly so they will want to see how your cells have changed since the smear as they may have returned to normal by themselves. (this happened to me after a colposcopy 14yrs ago. They did a mini biopsy & by the time i returned for my check up my body had done it’s business & I wad back to being ok!) The good thing is that you are being checked out. You go to the dentist for routine check-ups so he can see if anything’s awry & do preventative stuff, this is similar. They’ll just want to check & keep their eye on you. Then, if anything does present itself they can nip it in the bud but cin1 often clears all by itself. Would you let us know how you get on?