Hi… I have been poked and prodded that much a a lately that my head is a shed… long story short I had lletz on Wednesday and been to spa today been swimming jacuzzi sauna etc

Came home and realised I’m not supposed to do that for 4 weeks! Now I’m scared and don’t know what will happen :confused:

Does anyone know x

Hi Katalia,

A spa day sounds amazing! I think they tell you not to because of the risk of infection. Just keep an eye out for any symptoms such as smelly discharge or fever. And do not use tampons! More than likely all will be fine as the water will have been chlorinated. It won't be long until you are all healed up x x



No I won't use tampons 


I hope I haven't done any damage x 


I have had a rough ride and hoping this will be the end but I'm not so sure x 

I’m sure you haven’t. Lots of people follow all the rules to the letter but still get an infection. Just keep an eye out. Sorry to hear you have had a rough time, it is a truly frightening, horrible experience.

Big hugs

Hi Katalia, i wouldn't worry lovely, i think they advise it as you're not really meant to get any water etc up there due to risck of infection, i suffered with an infection and i didn't go swimming etc! probably just bad luck, the discharge was gross! but, with antibiotics it cleared up within 3 days and it was just a bit of spotting, i bled too. then it was easing off and i came on my period! really fed up of using pads as i have been using tampons pretty muchs i first started my periods, i don't like pads. But infection isn't anything to worry about and you might be fine :) All the best X