help :'(

Hello I'm new on here. I has my cervical screening done back in June results was CIN3. Had lletz treatment done in July. Been told that we are are going to have problems having another baby which has really upset me. Ever since I had my son I've had four gynecological op so just got discharge for my doctor in the may and this happened. Still getting pains and so many mix feelings I dunno if I'm coming or going! 


I'm really sorry to hear what been happeneing, sounds like you've been through a lot. It's not surprising you've got mixed feelings.  When they said you might have problems having a baby, were they referring to weaknesss in your cervix after the LLETZ? I understand that they can stitch the cervix during pregnancy, so it might it worth having another chat with someone about this? Getting some clarity might help you?

All the best.