Hey people :)


I posted here before and everyone was so lovely so I hope you don't mind me coming back rather than googling and getting worried!


Basically I had my first smear in Jan (I'm 24) and the results came back as mild changes + HPV.


I had my colpscopy in February and the results came back last week to say that I have CIN 1 + CIN 2 and I need to go back for the treatment thing on the 20th of May.


I'm not worried anymore at all... however, I'm leaving the country to go travelling for a least a year at the end of June/beginning of July. What should I do? Is it likely that I will have something worse or shall I just book everything and assume I can go as planned?


I've been saving for about 4 years for this trip and so has my boyfriend :(


Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!



Sorry I meant to say that I'm not worried about the actual procedure anymore at all.


I'm still dreading the results... 



Are you travelling by plane?  On the info the hospital gave me after LLETZ was carried out, it said not to go on a plane.  Is that what you are having done, the loop?

I’d give the hospital a call and see if you can bring your treatment forward. Explain your circumstances and they may be able to do it. Infection is quite common after the procedure so I’d personally want to make sure I was fully recovered before going abroad.