Hey All

I'm 7 months post radical hysterectomy and lymph nodes removal with ovaries left in place. Since September I've noticed a change in my cycle, constant hormonal spots, mood swings, joint pain And cold flashes...Yes cold flashes! I've done some home menopause tests all say I am in the menopause. Going to book with gp to get some bloods done to see what's going on. What typesof symptoms did you have early on?

Feeling slightly deflated as wasn't expecting these types of symptoms just yet. Was hoping it would hold off till i atleast hit 40! Currently 36 and getting my head round cancer, the treatment and now maybe this. I wish now he had taken my ovaries as now I'm left with that anxiety of will it return in them. 




It's all very overwhelming and made that little worse by menopause.

My symptoms were, joint aches mainly knees hips and fingers. The other biggest one for me was mood swings and low mood. 

I have been on hrt for almost 4 months and I'm pretty much back to normal. 

So if you are and it's confirmed by the gp there are things to make it less difficult.