30 years old, up to date on smears (mild changes noticed on last smear but no HPV) however was due to have one in august but cancelled because of covid.

Suffering with pelvic pain, 3 instances of bleeding after sex and just generally feeling not right. I had massive issue getting an appointment with GP (initially called end of September)

Last Friday was due to have appt with GP for pelvic exam. She cancelled last minute so instead they did a smear. Nurse said she couldn't see anything, but that cervix was friable. 

Also scheduled to have another blood test as issues with my results previously.

Nurse passed on info to GP who called me today. She advised that she is referring me to gyno, but could be 3 months before I get an appointment. In that time though should have smear results. 

My concern is that I feel I should be seen more urgently than that. What are your thoughts? Does it seem unreasonable?