Ive really been struggling to process this diagnosis. Prognosis is good stage 1b2, and I'm due to start treatment (raditation and chemo) this Tuesday. I keep hearing about women who have horrible permanent side effects from treatment and its really getting to me. Will life ever be back to normal? How many of you got through the other side and feel fine? The anxiety of it all is paralyzing and I've all but lost my appetite. I keep looking for success stories and praying I'll be one too. Its as if I have PTSD and I havent even started treatment yet. Help me see the positive. 

Hi. I'm just over 2 years post treatment for stage 4a. Life is pretty much back to normal with just a couple of niggles but to be honest, it just becomes a new normality (I think so anyway).

The anxiety can still be there but you learn to deal with it in different ways. The positive side of this for me is that I appreciate the little things that much more now x

I'm just over a yr post treatment for stage 3b so far all clear scans my body still recovering but I am learning to live with it  but at least  I'm here to tell the tale  x