Help with travel costs

Hi ladies!

Sorry to keep posting lol! I’ve found out today that if your having to travel to another hospital for an appointment following a referral for treatment, operation or appointment I think, you can claim back travel costs! You have to provide information and fill in a form and then they decide if you can or not but its worth a try!

I am having to travel to another hospital for an operation which is over 9 miles away from me and would cost me in excess of £30 each way because I don’t drive and cus the surgeon is an arse hole (sorry) :-). As I am off work £60+ on travel is not doable for me I haven’t got that kind of money to throw away! I’ve got enough in my bank and a back up credit card if I need it but I’m not struggling but I haven’t got £60 to waste and neither would I pay it! Out of principle and because it’s a bloody rip off! A family member is taking me anyway :-)…

But if you need to claim back costs for travel and there is a few other things you can down load the form from this site and it explains everything -

Dearest Carmel :-)

Please don't apologise for posting, it's always great to hear from you and I have no doubt that very many women on this forum will find this information extremely helpful.

Have a great day :-)