Help with sleeplessness advice please

Hi ladies,

I really need some advice... I haven't slept for longer than 3 hours since this whole nightmare started... I am physically and emotionally exhausted and not able to function at all... I wondered if any of you ladies had a similar experience and if so did you go to the doctors to get sleep pills or anything similar?

I have already tried lavender oil on my pillow camomile tea etc... No luck... I really think I need something else...

Please let me know how you coped with the waiting and sleeping...

love to you all

Bekah xxx 

Have you tried a sleep story? I use the CALM app on my phone. 

I used this to help me sleep after I witnessed something very traumatic and it reall did help me. I know you are very worried and I hope someone else can help reassure you x


it sounds as though you are having some anxiety, keep trying different things to help like sift music etc. But in all honesty go get something from the dr. 

I tried very hard to deal with things. It in the end it was some anxiety pills that helped. You don't need to take them all the time just when you are having a rough time with things. 

good luck

Speak to your GP. Maybe you need some Valium or something. I took it once and it was a hit like a re-set button for me and I didn't need to take it again. Xxx

Thank you all for your messages... I will give all suggestions a try... I am desperate... 

I do normally suffer from mild anxiety but this has taken  me somewhere I could never have imagined... I have never feared my life in this way before... 

I think what is taking me over the edge is knowing that I do have lumps up my nose and a lump on my vocal cord that I am awaiting to find out if they are cancerous... It's scaring me so much as I know if they are cancerous then I I know I will be stage 4b as it has spread so far... 

My hoarse voice is a constant reminder that I could have late stage cancer so I can't even talk without it being a constant reminder...

Thank you for all of your on going support ladies, I don't know where I would be with out you all...!! 




I found sleeping very hard and was prescribed some sleeping pills from doctor after I was diagnosed. Now that I have had my trach my sleeping is mostly back to normal but I do have some nights where my anxiety keeps me awake. Hopefully your dr can help. X