HELP with Results

I got my results back today in letter form but haven’t heard from the doctor…

They say:

A -Transformation Zone muosa with no significant pathological change.

B -Fragments of endocervical mucosa with no significant pathological change.
- Mucus with acute inflammation.

What does this mean?!

I tested positive for HPV at my pap smear (which was normal)…however the inflammation scares me!

I am scared of adenocarcinoma…does the inflammation suggest pre cancer/cancer in the endocervical canal?

Would you suggest that I go for a second opinion/ recolposcopy?

Thanks for any advice! I am driving myself crazy over here with so much fear that something was missed :frowning:


Its always best to contact your doctor for clarification on the results from your letter. With that being said, the results stating "no significant pathological change" is, in my opinion, saying that there is no evidence of disease or pre-cancerous/cancerous changes. Inflammation can be caused by a number of other things, that are not at all related to cancer, and a doctor can likely help treat whatever is causing the inflammation or it will go away on its own. It is extremely unlikely that you have adenocarcinoma if the results say there is no pathological changes. 

I would suggest making an app with your doctor to go over your results and ask about what else could cause the inflammation for some peace of mind. 

Hope all goes well for you! 

Thank you for your reply! It always so nice to hear from others going through similar situations. I should be hearing from the doctor sometime this week for an explanation. However, sometimes I feel like they are overly optimistic and will probably tell me it's nothing. I want to be sure I'm doing everything I can considering I have high risk hpv. She didn't even want to do the colposcopy and said she knew she "wouldn't find anything to begin with" and that it was "over kill" so taking her word for it is going to be extremely hard going forward...

Wow, I had the exact same thing happen to me. She told me that referring me for a colpsocopy would do "more harm than good" and that she was sure it wasn't serious and that they wouldn't even need a biopsy (and of course when I went I did need the biopsy). Its frustrating that doctors seem to dismiss us even when we are worried. I understand why you're concerned about your high risk HPV, but most of the time your body will fight it off, only in some circumstances will it progress to cancer. With that being said though, always listen to your body and be persistent with the doctors that won't listen to your concerns.

Best of luck to you!!

That's the scary part about it all. I feel like they don't know what to do with women who present with normal papsmear but hpv positive. I unfortunately am one of them. Although apparently I'm showing accute inflammation so I don't know what that means :( 

What did your papsmear indicate? Was it normal or mild changes? Did you get your biopsy results yet? 

For me, she just picked a random spot and did a biopsy so I don't know how good that is! This is all so overwhelming!!

I want to go for a second opinion!!

My pap results were moderate dyskariosis. My HPV test came back 'inconclusive' but my doctor told me that the changes picked up on the pap were 99% caused by HPV, and that the biopsy I would have would likely show which strain.

I don't have my biopsy results yet, it'll be two weeks tomorrow since I had the biopsy done. The doctor doing the colposcopy was the same as you mentioned, saying she didn't think she would find anything and that I didn't need a biopsy. When she put the vinegar solution on a lesion did pop up so she biopsied that area. 

The fact she picked a random area to biopsy would worry me too! The only positive thing about that is that nothing showed up that she could see, so there is likely no abnormal cells on the outside of your cervix. I totally understand your worry as you have inflammation and high risk HPV. I agree with you and I think you should look into getting a second opinion, especially to get to the root cause of the inflammation, as maybe its something farther up. 

This is all so depressing!

She took the random biopsy becuase she didn't see a need to do one in the first place becuase she said there were no chnages when the vinegar was applied! So I guess that is good news. However, the inflammation still worries me too! I just spoke with her and she says the inflammation in the mucus is not cancer related and there is no need to follow up until another year! I just don't know what to do at this point :(


I hope you have good results from your biopsy!