Help with Cervical stenosis

Hoping for a bit of advise ladies. 

i have been suffering with cervical stenosis for the past 12 months after several loops over the past few years. 

It was discovered at the start of this year when the hospital couldn’t do my pap. 

I had the produce to widen my cervix on March but it’s not worked and I don’t want it doing again as if anything its made it worst.

im struggling with really painful periods, not flowing properly and building up, each months getting worst. 

i visited my gp last week to dicuss ways to manage my periods better and to see if I could get a smear as also getting lots of bleeding when I shouldn’t. 

The gp badicly thought I was worrying over nothing and gave me a lecture on cell changes and glossed over the stenosis felt like a silly little girl.

now feeling a little helpless just wanted a way to manage my period and the pain! 

Any advise???

Hi hun sorry I can't help with your problem sounds like you are having lots of problems. Why don't you try the ask the expert feature on this website. Take care x

I would change GP! 

Thanks ladies.

Think I’ll go back and see a different gp, there must be a way to control it better, I’m really struggling!