Help us improve the lives of women with cervical cancer by taking part in our new survey

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has launched a ground-breaking study to look at women's experiences of diagnosis, treatment and care for cervical cancer. To do this, we’re working with an independent research agency, Quality Health.

We are looking for women who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer in the last 24 months, and who will be willing to be interviewed about their experiences. Most of these interviews will be carried out over the phone, and a few will be filmed, if participants are willing. The information we gather from the interviews will be used to develop new services; improve services where this needed; influence policy makers; and help us to focus training and development of health care professionals who work with women affected by cervical cancer.

We would also like to include partners of women living with and beyond cervical cancer. So please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would be interested in being involved in this new study. 

Interviews are expected to start taking place in early 2016, but to help with our planning we would like to hear from you as soon as possible if you’re interested in taking part.

To find out more and register interest: contact Emma Moore from Quality Health on: or telephone 01246 858873

Here’s the website link:

This is a great idea.  My wife was recently diagnosed and she has been left wondering really what happens next.  Things haven't really been explained to her fully.  I am used to using forums and feel comfortable talking on her but she less so.  I know she reads the forum and I hope in time she will feel comfortable in contributing.  Once she does this I will be pointing her towards the survey because I think whilst the hospitals do great work, the person with the cancer diagnosis and their family can be left with huge holes in what they now and that can lead to unecessary worry and concern.  I mean my wife wasn't even told she was going in to discuss results but rather just going in for treatment and told me not to come.  Had she known she was getting results she'd have wanted me there (least I hope so lol).


She speaks highly of this website so please keep up the fantastic work you do for women effected by this horrible thing...

Hi Blahblahblah,

Please accpet my sincere apologies about the delay in getting back to you. 

I am sorry to hear your wife has had a difficult experience, please do let her know that we are here to support her and you if you feel you need it. 

I am so pleased to hear she has found our website useful.

Best wishes