Help - unable to have further LLETZ treatment

Hello All, 

I just wanted some information from people that have been in my situation as when I speak to the nurses / consultants they can never give me a definitive answer.

When I was 25 I had my first smear back in 2015, it came back CN3, I had a biopsy and this confirmed the grade. I had a LLETZ and 6 months later went back for a further smear. 

This smear came back as CN2 and also positive for HPV, biopsy confirmed this result and I had another LLETZ treatment. 

6 months again and unfortunately I still had CN1 and still positive for HPV. This was in November 2017 aged 27. 

The consultant said that due to the extensive LLETZ treatment I had I am no longer able to have another treatment as I no longer have enough cervix. They advised me to see them in 12 months to review the situation. 

I had a further smear in 2018, this one came back with no abnormal changes by still positive for HPV. 12 month smear booked in.

Further smear in December 2019 (29 years old), went for my appointment and my cervix has collapsed in on itself. He tried to use a dilatator to open my cervix to test the entire area but was unable to (tried this 3 times with local anaesthetic). The test came back CN1 and still positive for HPV. It was put forward to the multi-disciplinary team meeting and they have agreed that I am “safe” and that I should come back in 12 months for a further smear.

I am unhappy with this as he is unable to test the full area, there is nothing to say that the area he has been unable to test isn’t a higher grade? I know my next and only option is for a hysterectomy but they seem really unwilling to do this. Anyone give me any advice? I am debating asking for a 2nd opinion through a private consultant.