Help - timing of colposcopy


I'm new here and hoping that someone more experienced can help me. I'm 27 and just had my first smear. It showed I had low grade changes (dys- can't remember the proper word!) I also tested positive for HPV. I need a colposcopy. I'm really shocked and keen to find out more as soon as possible, so I phoned immediately and got an appointment as early as I could. The thing is that the earliest appointment is 6th December, and I'm due to get married on the 14th. The secretary said that if you need treatment its usually done at the same appointment. I've heard that if I need treatment, it can cause bleeding etc for a couple of weeks and I don't want to be dealing with that on my wedding day. I explained this to the secretary and she said I could discuss this with the consultant at the colposcopy and if I do need treatment I could book it for a later date, after the wedding. What should I do? On the one hand I really want to know more as soon as possible and my fiance is very keen that I do not postpone anything because of the wedding (I think he is really worried about me although trying not to show it). But am I really gaining that much by going in a week earlier? Am I just spreading out the agony by possibly having to have two sessions when I could have just had one? I'm not sure what to do for the best and I don't know anyone who has been through the same thing and can help. Does anyone know if it is very common to need further treatment in cases like mine?

PS I’m sorry that came out as one long paragraph I’m on my phone and couldn’t work out how to include spaces in the text!


wAitinf a few weeks won't make any significant difference.

you can always go to your colposcopy & let them take a look.

for low grade or CIN1 they would probably leave it & restest again in 6 months anyways.

Or easy option is you just put the appointment bavk until after your wedding. 

The colposcopy is basically just a longer smear. They will look at your cervix closer under a microscope type thing & it will also show this on a larger tv screen which you can watch if you want. They'll spray or dab some solution into your cervix & any abnormal areas will show up white. 

Its not painful, just the uncomfortable feeling that you get with a smear. 

congrats on the big day!


If it were me, I'd postpone it. We all heal differently so I speak for myself; I had lot's of pain, much more discharge than expected, a weeks course of antibiotics for suspected infection and bleeding for 3 weeks.

i hope that helps. Good luck with your wedding a colp/treatment



Thanks both for your replies and good wishes. I made up my mind that I would postpone but when I spoke to the secretary again she said the bleeding should only last a couple of days at most and it would be better to get it out of the way so I know the next steps as soon as possible. Also she seemed to imply that because it is very low grade it wouldn’t need treatment anyway - maybe I am being overly hopeful and reading too much into things though. I’m not really sure what to do now. To be honest I think I am still in shock that I’m even at this stage - maybe I just need a couple of days to come to terms with it and then I can decide whether or not to put my foot down. Argh :frowning:


Personally I would rather go for the colposcopy and get it out of the way. Chances are if it matches your smear results then you wont need any treatment. 

I had borderline results and HPV and had my colposcopy yesterday. This matched my smear, and I didn't need any treatment there and then. They just took a biopsy to be certain, but the nurse said she would be amazed if it came back that I needed any treatment. 


If they were to say you need treatment, then you can always ask to make another appointment to go back for that.


Since yesterday, I've had tiny bloodstained discharge but nothing more than that and they said it would last up to about 5 days at the most.

Obviously if you feel better waiting until after your wedding, then that is understandable and I am sure a few weeks would make no difference. I would just look at it as getting a worry out of the way before the wedding though, but I am far too much of a worrier to attempt to wait lol x