Help, so worried In a short space of time

Any advise appreciated in last week severe sore lower back right lower abdomen pain right leg pain

so worried havent slept for 4 nnights my period finished last Thursday since then I have had light brown discharge when wiping after peeing 

please help I am terrified 


Morning Hun,

The brown discharge could just be old blood still coming out from your period. I've had that a few times.

Do you suffer with IBS at all??

Have you managed to book a dr app?? May help ease your mind hun.

Hope all is well xxx



no have never been bothered with IBS. Bowels normal.


went to dr, he felt stomach said fine and soft to touch.


sample of urine normal to dipstick,  but still very feint brown colour when I wipe after pee

ache lower right abdomen and round Into right back where kidneys are

period finished week ago


any help appreicated





Still stressing tterribly 

still have brown discharge light colours on wiwiping 

pain in right ab right back kidney aarea radiate to right leg, had normal smear 1 year aago and ultrasound of ovaries kidneys bladder etc 13 mmonths would something bad of been missed on these 2 Procedures I. This short time or am I being totally paranoid abouthiS.  please advice me