Help Scared :(

Hi can anyone help I'm going out my mind crying so upset.


Still have no result. I'm 27 in Feb can you believe it I can't get a smear result I was late 25 when sent for a smear result came back inconclusive. 

Thought nothing of it so went for another smear was 26 again cane back insufficient.  8 weeks ago I had a bleed in between my period that lasted for a week and half a little like a normal period.  Went to my gp said hormonal I was not convinced so booked in with my nurse 

My nurse said all looked ok did a smear again this result insufficient. Why can't they get a result so I'm go ogling convinced myself I have cc.

I had to literally beg my nurse to do something else so she ref me to a gyn.  My gyn did an inspection all looks fine a little cervical erosion.

She has referred me for a colpos on 26th Jan.  I'm so scared I have cc I have a lot of itchy white discharge and constipation am so worried as anyone else gone through this xxxx

Hi Tammy

The wait is just horrendous isn't it?! Fingers crossed time moves quickly for you and your Colposcopy appt is here before you know it.

an itchy white discharge sounds like thrush, there are lots of treatments available at your local pharmacy or may perhaps be cheaper on prescription through your GP.


Sending hugs 

Wendy x

Thanks Wendy and yes it's horrible waiting just hope everything is ok