Help really frightened

Hello, I'm just looking for someone to vent to as am getting really scared. I had my second baby 5 months ago and bled for 6 weeks (which I thought was quite normal) then nothing for 5 weeks so went on the contraceptive cerrelle after a week of that I was on holiday and started a period except this was no normal period and I haemorrhaged. When I got home doctor said it was due to stress ( I lost my nan 5 weeks after giving birth and we were very close). So doc told me to stick with cerrelle which I did for nearly three months but had nonstop brown to red discharge. I have also been getting lower back pain on left side. last Friday I went back to doc who told me to stop taking the pill and by Saturday I was properly bleeding again which i thought was a bit quick, by this Tuesday I was flooding so doc has referred me to gynacologist but said I am being paranoid over cervical cancer and will just need a coil. I was due a smear 8 weeks ago but couldn't have it due to bleeding. The doc gave me norethiaterone and said bleeding would stop completely. It has def slowed but is now stringy brown discharge again. I know I only have til Saturday to wait but am so scared as everywhere I turn all my symptoms lead to cervical cancer. How do I cope? 

Hi Lenny

What a rotten time you have had. I would have found it really hard to deal with all that bleeding.

Your GP seems to be on the case referring you, I am no expert but this does not sound like CC to me but obviously you want to get it checked and get it under control.

I am sure someone will come along soon with experiences of heavy bleeding and be able to offer you some reassurance. In the meantime, I totally sound like my mother here, but please make sure you have your iron levels checked, as this prolonged bleeding along with having recently given birth could result in being washed out with anaemia 

Big hugs, sorry this happy time is blighted with such worry and for your loss.


Hi, thankyou so much for responding I know I am sounding paranoid but am so worn out with the constant bleeding of some degree and am so scared. Thankyou for your comments I really hope your right but appreciate the sounding board. I can't concentrate on anything my poor children have a zombie for a mother at the mo. I just need to know what I am dealing with x

Hey there. I am a midwife, and bleeding for 6 to 8 weeks after birth is quite normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. It is called lochia and it is blood mixed with other debris from the pregnancy. Your pill is a progesterone only pill and unfortunately one of the main side effects is persistent bloody loss which can last for up to six months and is caused by high levels of progesterone (in a normal cycle progesterone falls and you get a period) without this fall, you can bleed all the time! Your doc should have told you this! Are you breastfeeding? As this causes the uterus to contract and relax, which can also cause a heavier loss. It would be a good idea to get your iron levels checked and possibly take a multivitamin with iron. Could you get a smear to put your mind at rest? Hugs, midwife helen xxx

Thanks Helen, 


im not breast feeding atm but wish I was so I could explain away these symptoms. I have a smear booked for next thurs as doc said the temporary hormone she put me on would have stopped the bleeding ( I'm still waiting for it to work) but I have a consultants appt on Saturday and I am going to ask for one then. I've never been so scared but just can't wait to get to Saturday and see someone. Thankyou all for your support I'm new to this sight and you have all been lovely x 

Hi Lenny

Good luck tomorrow.

I really thought I had some symptoms and was so sure I would get bad news but I got the all clear today :-)

Try not to worry yourself too much whilst you wait. I know it is easy to say but I really think there is another explanation for this


Congratulations to you, I bet you feel so relieved x 


I never thought I would be so eager to have a smear or investigation. 

Well done you again xx 

Thank Lenny

Yes that is so true. How can you want something to happen so much yet dread it at the same time?! 

Just wanted to prove that you can really feel in your bones that it is the worst and actually be just fine :-)

Good luck today, will be thinking of you


So I called my consultant today and he is awaiting the hr hpv test results, what could this mean for me? I'm getting more and more frightened