Help please!

Hi, I’m fairly new to this forum I just wanted to share my experience and give me some advice.

Prior to a smear test I had bloods & a scan due to irregular bleeding for the past 18 months and discharge that smells quite bad, sent to gum clinic twice and come back clear and no infection atall.

Anyway, went for my smear ( I new it wasn’t gonna come back clear) mild dyskeriosis and hpv positive. I was then booked for a coloscopy and the consultant explained to me that I probably wouldn’t need treatment with mild dyskeriosis. She did the colscopy and said that I needed Lletz treatment under GA but I refused as I wasnt keen on being put to sleep so she said I’ll have ago at local and there was a medium patch of abnormalities. And said it’s not cancer. I went along to my next appointment for the Lletz and the sister that was gonna treat me said the area is to large for her to do. Feeling curious coz I didn’t know exactly what was going on I read the notes. It said high grade dyskeriosis, entering endocervical canal and mosaic pattern what ever that means! Then I got sent away and to go back the 13th. IM confused coz ive got two people telling me different things, I phoned the hospital up and asked them foe more information and again they said a large area of high grade dyskeriosis and that they think I won’t tolerate the Lletz under LA But that’s it. X

Hi Nichola

I'm not surprised you're confused! The smear test came back mild and if it is mild changes, they will normally just wait 6 months to see if it clears up on its own, since apparently mild changes often do. Then the colposcopy showed that it wasnt in fact mild, it was severe. This does happen,  I believe because the smear gets quite a small sample so it might not have picked up any of the severe cells. This is especially true if the severe bit is higher up (in the endocervical canal), as it is in your case.

That bit means that some of the dodgy cells, rather than being on the top of the cervix are a bit higher up, in the passage from the cervix to the womb.

Often if it's a large area to treat, they will do it under general anaesthetic. I didnt fancy being put to sleep much either (before these shenanigans I had never had anything medical done to me in my entire 44 years, so I was freaking out, believe me!) but when I tried to have the LLETZ under LA the injection really hurt me and my doctor said I'd be better off going for a general. I have to say it was absolutely fine. I remember commenting that I could feel something a bit cold as it went into my hand, the anaesthetic I suppose, then the next thing I was waking up. I didnt feel bad afterwards, not sick or anything, in fact pretty much the same as when waking up in the morning. They only have to knock you out for about 15 mins so it doesnt have much in the way of aftereffects.

Personally,if they are saying that it will be a devil of a job to do under local, I would reconsider having the GA. It really is fine, and I suspect that if they are worried that you won't tolerate it, that means that they will struggle to keep you comfortable, which won't be fun for you or for them. As my lovely consultant put it "we're not in the business of torturing people" - they don't want to be causing someone pain either!!

Best of luck


Before my appointment with consultant I told her I felt a lump inside, then when she did colscopy, she looked and said no lumps on the outside. I told her it was in the inside I felt it and she didn't mention anything more about it. Felt as though she wasn't listening to me!!  So frustrating. It was the nurse that said I probably wouldn't tolerate it but the consultant seems to think I will beens I've had two children. I am only 24 and it's quite frightening. I'm not worried about the actual procedure I'm more worried about the needle lmao!  the reason I don't wanna be put to sleep is when I was 16 I suffered a missed missed carriage which ment  had to have to have GA to remove the baby. And whilst I was under I came awake and had a few complications. Not only that they need me to have a blood test and unfortunately I have a seizure everytime I have them done. And I'm terrified!.. I just know there's something wrong down below I'm worried about the results after the Lletz,

Sounds like you had an awful time, I'm glad everything went well for you eventually.

Thanks for replying.