help please!

Hi there, I was wondering of anyone on her has either had or is having treatment from the (name of hospital removed)?

My Mum is due to go back to the oncologist on Tuesday. She is almost at the ceiling of her treatment for stage 4b CC. They have mentioned the Marsden in the past but we live in Devon, so it has always been a topic wafted around for the future. It seems from how Mums feeling it may be now or never. However, I would like to have a bit more information if possible.

If you have any experience of this, please could you reply? What you had, when you had it, did it work? They had mentioned immunotherapy. Mum can’t have any more standard chemotherapy as she didn’t tolerate it well. I think if Mum wants to do this I need to be forearmed, and I can’t think of anyone better to ask than you amazing women.

Please post if you have information to offer.

Thank you xx

Hi Kate,

All I know is that (name of hospital removed) is very, very highly respected. It is not the only specialist cancer hospital in the country but it is the most well-known. I suppose that goes without saying for anything in London. I know wealthy people who pay to be seen privately there because they believe that it is the best in the world.

Be lucky :-)


I've been treated there in October, but with surgery alone so can't comment on any other treatments, however from what I read and saw it is the one of if not the best hospital to be treated at, so if you do have a chance-take it!! 

Good luck to you and your mum!