help please

OK hi everyone I am new here and I'm lost.

3 weeks ago I went to the doctors regarding unusual pain and bleeding

they then performed a smear test which a week and a half later came back

with abnormalities.  My letter said I would have to go to gynaecology and 

Would have an appointment within 8 weeks.


the same day I had a letter to attend a week Later. This was for Friday  (two days ago)

During the appointment they told me the two forms of treatment that could be carried out

 but during the procedure I was told that the abnormal cells were worse than they

were expecting it was growing on my vaginal walls too.


After the procedure he advised me there is high possibility I will need a hysterectomy but they

Are hoping that my vaginal walls can be treated medically.


I feel rather lost and confused xxxx




Oh Sarah I'm so sorry about this bad news. I'm afraid I can't give you any answers about the treatment you might need but I'd definitely recommend calling your doctor or going to see your GP. They will completely understand why you have questions and will hopefully be able to shed some light on the situation. It's difficult when you're sitting there and they're telling you about what they think is going wrong because you just go completely blank. It's only when you get home and think that all the questions start running round your mind.  

When is your follow up? Fingers crossed for a good result xx

They took 4 biopsys doctor told me results would be in 2-4 weeks 

He did told me no matter what the treatment would be using a general anesthetic.

I'm so confused and feel lost.... I used to suffer from bad depression and 

I know with the look on my families faces of they acknowledge it may 

Cause me to spiral. And I am struggling but I need there strength .

Try no to panic hun it's scary but try not let it rule you, emotions are good time to time don't think or look to much into it till you have facts chin up hun nice hot choc and rubbish on TV is a winner xx

New day getting ready to go back to work ... yet another flush on its way this is one of the things I hate the most


I intend to drink lots of hot chocolate .... day time TV kills me lol 


I think I did the right thing allowed myself to soak the up on my three days off

Now back to work and live a norma ishl life  ..  until I get the results 

I feel you on that as I'm the same but it's best to try to be as normal as possible, I've had my moments of tears stress and anger but it didn't get me any where predicting my own results x hot choc is certainly a winner xx

I called the hospital today and they have my results but consultant hasnt looked at them yet. Hate knowing their there but i can know! xx

On esme I can imagine the emotions that brings. So close yet so far. I

Hope that they shed some light soon .

The amount of hot chocolate I have bought today I would be cheaper buying a

Franchise lol


oh bless, I've bought 5 terry chof oranges ;') and a bottle of wine. Hopefully I get mine tomorrow and I will be nagging like hell.  Oops hope you feel more positive- I'm feeling really frustrated tonight ice been off the cigs and stupidly I went out and bought some because of how they are messing me around at the min the declined my scan today because I had a scan in sept because I had the coil and they needed to scan me because I was in so much pain I couldn't walk and bleeding terribly so they thought it perforated my womb but only checked my overy and coil so now the consulrant has to request another scan xx sorry for the rant xx

Don't be sorry if we can't rant here where can we xx