Help please!

Hi everyone.  My name is Mel.  Ive had some unusual bleeding so had the usual internal scans, smears etc and tested positive for cell changes and HPV positive. Next standard step is the Colposcopy which has been scheduled for this Friday.  The day before I go on a 5 day caravan holiday 5 hours away.


Whilst im keen (if you ever can be!) to have this next stage dealt with im also worried that i am pushing my luck a day before the holiday when ultimitely i will feel a bit "urgh" and thats if i DONT need anything doing.  Of course there is every chance i may have something done there and then but without actually going ive no way of knowing.


Would you reschedule for after the holiday? Would mean a two week delay.


Sorry that you are going through this.  If I was you I wouldnt reschedule.  I would spend the whole time worrying on holiday. I would get it over and done with and then use the holiday to cheer myself up.

How likely is it that you would have any treatment?  Could you call up and ask if they are planning to do treatment or not?  It varies from place to place - some places only do a biopsy and then reschedule for anything more than that.  If all you had was a biopsy then you would only experience a bit of bleeding (in my experience) so dont think it would ruin your holiday.

Everyone is different though and if you dont think that you would worry while your on holiday then maybe you should reschedule - a week probably isnt going to make much difference.

Thanks for the reply.  I have gone through this before when i was 21 and whilst I did have to have surgery immeaditely at the Coloposcopy I also developed Pelvc Inflammatory Disease as a result of not taking it easy I guess after.  This caused my more illness and discomfort than the initial surgery!  I guess im worried about being far from home comforts like a nice superkingsized bed!  On the other hand if I was at home husband would be at work leaving me with two kids.  Decisions decisions.....

Hi Mel, I would suggest that you contact the hospital where u having colposcopy & tell tsitu about your forthcoming trip & see what they say about postponing . If they advise you not to then you go with that. Sorry tsitu should be them! Gd luck .

Oh how awful! I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience. I havent had treatment - only biopsies uptil now and luckily it hasnt been that traumatic.

I can see why you're worried now!  I agree about giving them a call.  Its a shame that its not a spa retreat holiday and not a caravan holiday.

Good luck

Hmm, Wonder if I can convince the husband and kids to stay at home whilst i go?! ;-)

Should be prescribed as part of treatment.  Imagine a world where the NHS could stretch to that!

Hi honey yeah just see what the clinic says, they'll have a good idea of what they're going to do and what stage your cells are xxx

Hi Mel,

I would definitley go ahead with the appointment.

Even if you have treatment on the day it just means you can swim or do any vigorous excercise for 4 weeks. You can still go about your normal day to day activities.

If the colposcopy nurse does feel you need treamtment they will ask you if you want to go ahead with it that day or book in for another day so you can decide on the day.

Hope this helps xx



Hi Mel, 

I must admit I agree with most people and think you just go for your holiday. I personally felt fine after my colposcopy and LETZ treatment.  I was given an adrenaline shot (I think anyway LOL) I will admit that made my heart race and my legs shake but thats whilst I was having the treatment.

I managed to get dressed, find the car (my hubby couldn't remember where he'd parked lol ), get home, picked DD3 up from playschool n basically carry on as normal tbh although I will admit to sneaking a power nap in the afternoon.  

The main concern I think (pls correct me if I wrongly told) is that the area that is treated could become infected and not 'scab' over which is why they don't like you to exercise vigoursly or swim and use tampons.  I think the risk of infection is very low.  I'm quite a sickly person and everything went smoothly for me. I personally would much rather be on my hols with hubby there to help and things to take your mind of things.

Thinking of you x


UPDATE:  Hospital suggested i go on holiday and have re-booked my proceedure for 5th Sept.  She said no swimming, exercise or sex after for at least a week and thats if they only do the minimum of a biopsy.  In her words, no doing all the fun things on holiday ;-)  So, im happy with that as im not a big worrier and im sure i wont be facing the worst so nothing will happen to me in two weeks that cant be dealt with.  Thanks ladies for your help.