Help please

I started to get discharge a few years back went to gp did swabs etc after going back about five times and lots more swabs I was sent away and told to ' ignore it ' by a nurse practitioner. I then started to get a burning back pain and pain in my lymph nodes around my groin. I was told ibs which I was sure it wasn't so went back again asking for a scan. Had an internal and external ultrasound all normal. Pains continued and pain spread to hip and a constant pain in the middle of my womb. Had a abdominal CT all clear. Been to a and e loads of time for unbearable abdominal pains each time sent home saying I was anxious . Then start to get mucus from my bowel went for a camera found ulcer and h pylori. From there I started to get white patches on my tongue which I have to brush off twice a day as it gets thicker been to three ent who said its nothing just bad balance of bacteria. Then I start to get blood in my water visible blood. No uti . CT with contrast still clear. Then my neck started to hurt the two lymph nodes that have hurt for so so long but ultrasound said nothing suspicious just a bit swollen that was over a year ago they still hurt to this day. Begged to see a gyne to do a laparoscooy n he refused saying no need and when will I stop these investigations like I'm making all the pain up. He did and internal ultrasound again all clear sent me away and wrote to my gp saying I'm anxious depressed and have caffeine addiction . I have no idea why the caffeine addiction got kicked in there too I don't even drink caffeine. Now I have involuntary movements which came on same time as everything else a couple of years ago mri brain came back clear . I've seen GPS and been asked to stop wasting their time when I've cried in pain and I've had some that have said I get a pain in my arm when I run but I don't go to my doctors and complain about it. This is because I get pains all down my arms too. I also have shooting pains in my glands and lymph nodes around my neck and collar bone. I have got pains all around my ribs now that come and go but are very painful and stops me in my path. I finally found a lovely gp who listened to me whilst I cried in pain and begged him he has sent me to a different gyne who I seen last week he has agreed to do a hysterscopy and a lap to follow. I'm so scared I'm finding it so hard to cope with the pains. I'm a mam of four gorgeous children . I can't help but cry because my symptoms are the worse possible stage and I can't help but think I won't be here too see Christmas with them I love them so much they are my whole world. Any messages greatly appreciated

I live in the USA, but here we have doctors that specialize in pain managment.  They deal with issues such as yours--where it seems the only symptom is pain.  I assume you are in the UK, but I'm sure the UK has pain managment docotrs. I know this is so hard because you are a mother--all the more reason to fight this with all you have.  But please understand that just because you have pain does NOT mean you have cancer.  I had NO pain and have been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Good luck to you and I will be saying a prayer for you!

Thank you so much for replying. It really scares me the way the pain started and how it's spread upwards in my body and how my neck lymph nodes are so painful and the pain has got so bad . I haven't seen any pain management I get given anti biotic and anxiety n depression tablets which really upsets me because I'm in genuine pain. And things that doctors have been putting on my notes like I'm addicted to caffeine . This is totally made up I don't drink tea or coffee! I'm on naproxen which isn't doing anything . Was given morphine and tramadol but for some reason my body doesn't respond to them what so ever I have no idea why neither do the doctors. It only works when injected into my hand but when taken orally nothing at all its so strange. Yes I'm in the UK thank-you. How is your treatment going I hope all is well xxx

Hi. What makes you think you have cc? I was diagnosed at stage 4a and the only symptom i had that you mention was back pain. Have you been bleeding (other than the blood in your urine) as I think that's one of the main symptoms of cc.

Anxiety does cause REAL pain and it has no obvious explanation. 

You WILL be here at Xmas.  Even if it is cc (and I hope not) - it can be successfully treated.

Yes have been bleeding like a mucusy bloody discharge for a long time and also the hip pain and the pain the in my hips is constant. I understand why people say anxiety but the thing is this pain started when I was at a perfect time in my life. I know I shouldn't but googling my symptoms and everytime it comes up it cancer that's spread and because it has come in an order and spread upwards it's so upsetting . I also get pains in most of my lymph nodes every single day and electric shock types of pains around my back and legs xx I can't understand why I have been left with blood in my water that's visible there has to be a cause for it they can't blame that on anxiety surely x