Help please ladies!

Hi all! So i had my LLETZ just over four weeks now, still not had my results back but trying to take it as no news is good news. 
i had the procedure under local and had a bit of discomfort for a couple of days after, no bleeding and everything was fine.
About a week ago i started getting ridiculously bad period pains, like nothing i have ever felt before, today i have had to leave work early because of it!
I am not on my period, although i still have got light bleeding since the LLETZ. Is this normal? The pain seems to be getting worse gradually?
Any help would be appreciated, thankyou! 


May 2014 - First smear - Severe abnormalities
July 2014 - Colposcopy 3 punch biopsies taken - Showed CIN3
August 2014 -LLETZ under local - Still waiting on results. 

Im not sure if it's normal, but I do remember feeling 'off' until I received my results. Lots of pains etc but I do think you probably should call the clinic or your gp to get checked over to make sure you don't have an infection . Take care & hope you get results soon xx