Help please going insane

Hi guys I’m new here

I’ve had symptoms for over 2 years unexplained, I’ve been investigated for pcso, endometriosis etc anyway my symptoms are as follows

Bleeding between periods
Heavy periods
Heavy clots
Pain on my right side constantly (do suffer with custs in this ovary )
Pain during urination
Pain during sex
Back ache
Fatigue - I have 2 young girls but I am fatigued not from them
Discharge - sometimes smelly sometimes watery / bloody / brown it depends

I’ve been constantly at the drs until recently they sent me for another ultrasound on my uterus and ovaries - just showed more custs have grown in right ovary

Anyway finally got to speak to a senior dr at the surgery and I said I’m concerned I have all the symptoms my smear is due in jan and I listed all my symptoms, he asked me to come in the next day to be assessed but I couldn’t, I went Monday and I’m now on the 2 week pathway for an appt as I have something on my cervix and it’s bleeding etc too

How did you hear about your appointment was it a call email or letter? I actually live 2 hours away from my drs as I moved and I haven’t had time to change it so all my appts will be 2 hours away… I’m trying to not overthink etc but sometimes my mind is running away with me and I just feel so impatient waiting for the next tests appt and yeah just felt it would be a good place to air

I also now have a u t I it’s burning when I pee so bad and this is quite new symptom to me

Thanks for reading and I’m just hoping for good news :heart:

Hi @Secret89, I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this, I’m glad that someone has listened to you!
I think it depends on the hospital, some get a call others get a letter with the appointment but if your on the pathway then you shouldn’t have to wait to long, as with everything the waiting bit is definitely the hardest!
Do not Google while you wait as Dr Google will not help the situation!
Try and keep busy again I know it’s easier said then done!
Hopefully you get good answers soon xx

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Hi Secret89 and welcome

You’ve certainly been through the mill over the past 2 years, with all your unexplained symptoms.

I was put on a 2ww in 2017 and I got my appointment via a letter. The waiting can be so difficult; easy to say, but try and stay in the moment and take things as they come. Many of us on this forum advocate not Googling to try and self diagnose because it invariably leads to a worst case scenario and feeds anxiety.

My diagnosis was stage 2A1 cc, following symptoms which included heavy abnormal bleeding. Spring this year, I was discharged from my 5 year post treatment follow-up - NED (no evidence of disease). I hope all goes well for you but if it turns out you have cc you’ve found the best place for support - lots of us here with various experiences to share.


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