Help please! CC symptoms after pregancy


Hope you all are doing well. I apologize in advance since English is not my first language. Long story short, I was diagnosed HPV+ and CIN3 lesion on february 2021 got the cone biopsy and LLetz procedure. My doctor said he got it all out and margins were clear. I got negative results, no lesions and no abnormal cell changes for the next two pap smears. On september 2021 I got pregnant and had my first baby June 2022. It was a normal pregnacy, no abnormal bleeding or discharge. I breastfed my baby for 5 months so I did’t get my period during that time. As soon as I weaned him, I noticed I started bleeding for 4 days abd thought it was my period, a little lighter than usual but didn’t give much tought . Then I didn’t get my period for 3 months. In january I started getting menstrual symptoms and then one day I started bleeding a lot and with blood clots, went to the hospital, they did a transvaginal and abdominal exam and they noticed my endometrial lining was really thick. Doctor injected a three month dose of progesterone. Four days after the progesteron shot, I felt contraction like pain and a golf ball size blood clot fell in the toilet and since then I’ve been having spotting, pain in mostly all of my joints and a lot of pain in my c-section scar, also felt little lumps under my c-section scar. Fast forward I visited the obgyn, got my smear done (waiting for results) he did a pelvic exam and saud everything looked okay, did another transvaginal ultrasound and the endometrium is not thick anymore, did CA 125 and it came normal, CBC is normal and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t eat, sleep, stress is killing me and I can’t stop thinking that I won’t be able to see my 8 month baby grow.
Please I need advise.
Thank u so much

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