Help, passed something after cone biopsy

Had a cone biopsy 4 days ago. This morning I passed a large pinkish/tan/brownish jelly/sticky like chunk. Just wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned. I took a picture but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post it here or not?!?!

When you say large, you will need to give an approximation in cm or millimetres for your health care professional. You must have a nurse or contact from your procedure. Please call them and tell them what has happened - they may also want you to send the picture, so it was a good idea to take it. However, for all we know it is normal, so as long as you’re not also in pain please try not to worry. You may not be able to get anyone until Monday now, but if you’re in distress you can always call 111. X

Yes if it was like a gauze type thing, I did, mine was 10 days after.
I have to say it scared me and because it happened on Saturday and couldn’t speak to consultant or there secretary I ended up at a and e to get checked and make sure there was no more and that I didn’t have an infection, as I thought they had left it in by accident, but turns out it is a dissolvable gel gauze.

It would have just been nice to have said and pre-warned that it could happen! I know this may sound stupid but at first I thought my insides was coming out.

Hope this helps. Any questions feel free to message me, also if you want to send the photo I can see if it’s similar to what I had.