Help or advice?

Hi not sure anyone can help or has experienced what I'm being told, I've been cancer free for 7 years now, and am married for a year, I have been looking into child options, one was surrogacy, I was guided to head of fertility at local hospital, and he examined me and said because I didn't have a hysterectomy there's a possibility I may still have a functional uterus, whic would mean we could try for a donation egg and husbands sperm, then put into me? I'm shocked to hear this as didn't think possible after having had chemo radiation, I know my ovaries packed up but didn't realise this was a possibility? He has spoken to my consultant who has given the to ahead for me to go on oestradiol valerate for 6weeks to simulate endometrial growth, and he would then do a hysteroscopy  to check my uterus, as he said this is the only way of  seeing how much damage etc is done and if my uterus is functioning I could go down this route? 

Live googled stuff and can't find any info, and can't seem to on here, so please if anyone can help pls comment or pm me


thankyou so much xxx

I can't comment but just wanted to say that I'm sure this post has given lots of women on here hope :) wishing you all the best in your journey, fingers crossed! Xxxxx