Help! nosebleeds!

Hi lovelies,

I've had a couple of nosebleeds in the last couple of days, including an exciting one on my First Trip Out to matalan yesterday, which saw me stuck in the only toilet for twenty minutes! my very sensible husband mentioned that it might be because of the clexane injections, and sure enough that is top on the list of side effects. 

What's concerning me is that it says to contact your doctor immediately if you have any bleeding, including nosebleeds. Of course, it would be Saturday, wouldn't it!? ;-) I don't feel inclined to make a big fuss over this, especially as, woo hoo! I've only four more injections to do. So wondering if any of you have had the same thing and/or can put my mind at rest?


Molly xxxx

Hi Molly...the cleaner could indeed cause nosebleeds. I wouldn't take the last four, as it won't make any difference in your clotting providing you are walking about plenty. I (mightily) only took them. For a week, as we only give out 7 days worth at the hospital I work at for women who have had cetaceans and I was sick of them! I just made sure I got up every hour. 

H xxx

Damon predictive text...clexane not cleaner lol! Xxx

Thanks hon,

I might burst with excitement if I thought I could stop the blooming things, I've been counting down the days! 

I did chuckle at the thought of getting whopped on the nose with a mop!!!! :-)

Molly xxxxxx

Hiya Molly!

Poor you with the nosebleeds! 

What's clexane? Do you have to inject yourself?  Yikes!  Do we all have that after an RH?

So many questions. ...;)

Kirsty xx

Yes, sorry I think so. I did them myself and then got funny about it so hubby took over. Actually hardly feel them! It's more the thought of it!

Molly xxx

Well, I will just have to be a Big Brave Girl! 


Update! I thought I would be a good girl and rang 111, they gave me an out of hours appointment (just to be sure), then the doctor there told me "all fine, so what,  better to have a nosebleed than a blood clot!", but sent me for a blood test "just in case". I waited in a and e for two hours, in increasing agony, just for the next chap to tell me it would be pointless giving me a blood test, my dose was low enough that there should be no problem, and nosebleeds can often be expected. 

Well!!! That's exactly what I wanted to avoid, a big fuss over nothing! And a lot of pain! WHY couldn't they have told me that over the blinking phone!!!??? What is the point of 111???!!! And the worst thing is, I was taking time in the queue on a very busy day, with poorly kids waiting to be seen.


soz, needed to vent!!! My poor kids were up the wall with worry by the time I got home :-(

Mardy Molly xxxxx

Grrrr, indeed! Sorry to hear you had to go through that. Hope you're reclining somewhere comfy now!

Kirsty xx

I've never heard of this clexane stuff! We certainly don't have to jab ourselves with it over here. Well, I didn't anyway.

Oh Mollz, you do so make me laugh at times. I just adore your choice of words :-)

Sorry to hear about the faff at the hospital, I was still laughing about mops in the loo at Matalan. Hope you are all settled again now.

Go well


It's the irish in me!


Hi lovely... I didn't have the nose bleeds but I did stop the injections with three to go! I was covered in bruises and my thighs were black and blue I just couldn't face anymore x