Help! Newbie!

Sorry no-one answered my last post and I'm a little confused. I'm booked in tomorrow for GA for a loop biopsy. My smear queried CGIN and when my gynaecologist did the colposcopy he said 90% of cervix was covered in abnormal cells and it would be unsafe to do the biopsy without GA. I'm confused about this and LLetz? No mention of lletz. Are they just doing a biopsy? What about the cgin? Will a loop biopsy give me more answers on this? I'm so confused. Fsmily history of cervical cancer, 3 generations had hysterectomy in their 20s. So a little nervous x

Hi hettiee123

I didn't want to read and run. I had Lletz treatment last year in 2016 and but I had a small area of abnormal cells which is why it was treated with lletz treatment under local. I imagine your having the cells removed under GA because there's a bigger surface to take away so it would be easier for them and more comfortable for you to do it that way. 

The biopsy part is because they are removing the cells they need to test them. The cells taken away when I had Lletz treatment was sent to the lab and I got my results about 3 weeks later which showed CIN3. I don't know about CGIN.

I hope this helps a little, sorry if it doesnt. Good luck tomorrow, hope it goes ok Hun x

Hi. So a loop biopsy and a LLETZ is the same thing. So basically you are having a LLETZ tomorrow. CGIN are the glandular cells higher up near your uterus, they are hard to see and if there is a lot of cells to get rid of I guess it's nicer on you to have a GA. I've had 2 LLETZ treatments but both under a local. Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck tomorrow.