help needed PLEASE

Hi, I recently posted about symptoms I was experiencing and was awaiting an appointment. I had a colposcopy on Friday. I didn't have an abnormal smear as my smear wasn't due to June/July time. I've never had an abnormal smear before.

I knew with my symptoms there was something wrong. When I went for the Colposcopy, they were just talking about the bleeding after sex, and then they said they'd refer me for a scan regarding bleeding between periods and how heavy my periods had gotten. But they didn't ask about my other symptoms, they just said they wanted to concentrate on the bleeding after sex? Any way I had to have 2 biopsies as there was a largish area that showed up white with abnormal cells. I think it was a punch biopsy I had. Does this biopsy tell you if there is cervical cancer or just CIN? I feel really nervous as they wasn't listening or asking about my other symptoms that I went to the doctors about.

I'd appreciate abit of advice if you wouldn't mind? Sonia xxx


hi sonia.  The biopsy will look at the cell changes.  It doesnt necessarily mean you have cancer, it may just show up CIN changes.  Try not too worry too much and wait for the results to come back.  i had cin3 in january so i had the lletz procedure to remove the abnormal cells.  Look after yourself and try to take it easy if you can.  Also for your next appointment, it may be worthwhile just writing down anything you want to ask the doctor in order to put your mind at ease.  Also, i would try not to look things up on the internet.  There is sometimes too much information out there that could possible increase your anxiety rather than reduce it (and sometimes its not always the most accurate information).

Take care sonia.  

A biopsy is pretty much always done if they see an area that shows up white. It doesn't mean it's cancer. It is probably an area of precancerous cells which can be treated. It's normal to have two biopsies because they'd want to get a good sample of the cells across the abnormal area. At least, I've always had two done. I don't know how big my lesion is because I'm too squeamish to look at the screen! I suppose the reason they were only concentrating on bleeding after sex because that's to do with cervical health. Heavy periods are probably nothing to do with the cervix and could be to do with hormonal levels or anything. So a different set of health professionals will look after that symptom. Please try not to worry; having abnormal cells on the cervix is very common, and having cervical biopsies taken is very common too xxx