Help...Loop diathermy result in- appt to hear result?

Hi guys am new to this site and hoping for some advice as I am about to have the longest weekend ever. I received a call from the hospital today (Friday) asking me to go in and discuss my results ... Had loop diathermy for severe diskaryosis a week and a half ago. Punch biopsy clear and thought no more of it. However today they said they have results from the scraping and I need to go in on Monday and to have someone come with me, to discuss further treatment and surgery I need. despite begging, they would give no indications of cancer or not. I was sent home from work and am now beside myself worrying about what they are going to tell me. Has anyone else had this and what was outcome? Thank you x

Hi, sorry i can't really help but just wanted to say hope your ok. Waiting is awful isn't, seems mean of them to leave you worrying all weekend. Try to stay positive, there's lots of ladies on this site who can support you and help with anything. Good luck on Monday xxx


My situation was very similar.  I was called a week or so after the Lletz on a Friday and asked to go in Monday morning and to take someone with me.  It was the longest weekend ever and I don't think it's kind of them to put people through that kind of worry over a weekend without support available.  Incredibly heartless!!!!

While I spent the whole weekend worrying about whether it was cancer I was still shocked to hear the news.

I really hope in your case it is an appointment simply to discuss more treatment and will be thinking of you.  You have no indication that it could be cancer, so please try to remain positive :o) Try to keep busy and take your mind off it... telling you not to worry would be pointless.

Be reassured that even if the news is more serious, there are plenty of people here who can help support you and the success rate for treatment is very high.

Wishing you lots of love and luck for Monday.

Take care

Kirsty xxx

Hi kirsty and princess 

just wanted to let you know the outcome. aifter making myself very ill over the weekend, I got to the hospital to be told the bad news. I have a tumour on my cervix which is currently 9mm by 3mm and stage 1. They need to MRI me to see if its spread into my pelvis. If it has then first stop is chemo/radio. If not, then it's a trachelectomy or hysterectomy. Not what I wanted to hear but deep down I knew and you just have to get on with these things. 

If anyone else on here is going thru the sane please contact Me.

Sophie xxx

Hi Sophie,

So sorry to hear your bad news, it must be so terrifing. I was told over the phone that they thought cancer was present from my smear and although thank god the biopsy showed it wasnt, i know how scary the thought is but actually being told the news must be awful. Ladies on here told me that the worst thing is waiting for the results, and once you know you can face it head on and get it treated and beat it! Stage 1 is early isnt it which is good, i'll be thinking of you and hoping your MRI is clear.

I think there are ladies on the Newly Diagnosed section that will be going through something very similar to you so post there if you havent already! Keep us updated, sending you lots of positive thoughts! xxx


I'm so sorry to hear your news - I always feel worried when people have been urgently called in and thought about you over the weekend :(

I will never forget that feeling of being told and the worry of whether it had spread so I know how you must feel.  I'm afraid it's yet more waiting for now which is tough.  I struggled during this period, but please be assured it does get easier once you know the stage and treatment plan and easier again once treatment starts.

I'll have everything crossed the MRI is clear.  My tumour was 1.5 cm by 0.9 mm and the MRI showed it hadn't spread.  In fact when I had a hysterectomy and they were surprised to find no trace of the cancer left despite not getting clear margins from my original loop.  So there is lots to hope for!  Treatment is very successful so please try to remain positive.

Sending lots of hugs your way ((())).  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or I can help in any way.

Love and best wishes

Kirsty x


hi dolly, I had the same treatment as you 7 weeks ago. i had a phone call yesterday to say that my results were in and they want me to come in on wednesday to go through my results. i am terrified. they didnt say anything about brining anyone with me. when they called i asked what its about they just said its to go through my results theres nothing to worry about. i think they just said that so i didnt spend all week worrying. well that hasnt helped if anything its made it worse. I sorry to read what your result is i hope youre coping ok. I just have know one to talk to and i dont know what to do. I have an 8 month old son and i just keep thinking what will happen to him if somethings wrong with me. x

Hi mrs p

i think you will be absolutely fine. i begged them to tell me what was wrong and they would not. There's no way they would have said that all is ok to you over the phone if it wasn't as you could sue them if it was spmething else. Also, I was called 11days after treatment. So with mine they obviously spotted something, but think the normal wait is 4-6 weeks so if its something serious they get u in, if it's more treatment you are probably in a bit more of a queue. They told me when I had my treatment not to be alarmed if I hear back from them as it may be that they haven't got it all and need to do a bit more treatment. Got my fingers crossed for you. If you need to talk please message me. Xxx

just an update for you, i went in to speak to my consultant today and he confirmed that they did find cancer. However the good news is they are almost 100% sure they they got it all with the LLEtz treatment. Just to be sure though im having another one at the end of august but its more of a precautionary measure. I feel ok about it, obviously its a shock but i had prepared myself for the worst which although this is bad news i know it could be worse. i feel ive still got a little way to go on this journey, im looking forward to the end of the year to have my follow up smear (never thought id say that). the consultant said i should be fine to try for another baby in the new year. Thanks for all your support this really is the scariest thing thats ever happened to me at age 26 you dont expect to get cancer. dolly, i hope you're ok, your treatment goes well and you have a speedy recovery. you're advise was the only thing that stopped me going insain over the weekend. thank you xx 

Hi mrs p

good to hear you should only have to have a bit more lletz. Fingers crossed that's it for you, I'm off to see my consultant Friday re surgery. If you need anything or to chat please contact me. Sophie xxx

I'm new to this site and the helpline isn't open. I have had the lletz and told to wait for a letter. That didn't come I got a telephone call on day 11 asking me to come in on 19/09/17 for a chat. It looks like they found something! And my worry is that it's spread and already too late. Smear Aug17. Had them every 3 years since age 16 all clear.