Help I'm so scared :(

Hi I'm Lucy  a healthy 31-year-old or so  I think!! :( I  need some advice I feel I'm driving myself insane. I got in from work tonight to a letter on my doorstep it said I had abnormal cells and there were changes to some of the cells in yo in my cervix, called Low grade dyskaryosis. Then went on to tell me there was evidence of HPV infection. now I'm so so worried. All I can think of is Cancer :( has anyone ever had the same? 

Hi, Lucy.

I had exactly the same result as you about 18 months ago (see my history below).  It's all very well me telling you not to worry, but I was very anxious myself.  I think virtually everybody here who has been in the same boat as you (and there are LOTS of us!) felt very frightened when they got their letter.  The good news is that cervical screening is super effective for the vast majority of people.  As my doctor says "you're in the system now," and you'll be monitored for as long as needed.  The low grade dyskaryosis they have found is the early stages of pre-cancerous changes that happen in your cervix.  Although there are a few unlucky ladies here, for most people, it takes a very long time for this to progress into cancer.

This is what will probably happen.  You'll be invited for a colposcopy (a bit like a smear, but they look at your cervix with a magnifying lens and use a solution that turns the pre-cancerous cells white).  You'll probably have biopsies done to check that your pre-cancerous changes are not severe.  Then they'll probably wait 6 months to see if they get better on their own.  If not (or if they find some more moderate changes when they look) you'll have a treatment called LLETZ.  So many of us here have had LLETZ.  It's completely effective at removing pre-cancerous cells in something like 98% of ladies.

I know it's very scary but please feel reassured that many of us have been there with you, and that we are lucky to live in a country where these changes are detected, in many people, before  they turn into cancer x

Thank you so much for your advice. I feel a little at ease now! All you read is CANCER nothing else. My worst mistake is looking on the Internet and reading the worst! But thank you so much I really appreciate this x 

Hi Lucy,

This is the only bit of the internet you need for this kind of stuff so don't let Google lead you astray :-)

Beautifully explained Libby :-) Thanks.

Be lucky


Hi Lucy,

I am was exactly the same as you. Had my smear and received a letter saying I needed to go for a colposcopy as I had borderline changed and HPV positive. The first thing I did like you was google it and saw the C word everywhere, then I found Jo's Trust forum and reading through some of the ladies stories on here puts your mind at rest.

It does still worry me however I try not to let it bother me at the moment, I have my colposcopy on Monday.

I will keep you updated on how I get on


I had a smear 6 weeks ago and found high levels dyskaryosis now 2 weeks post colposcopy and LEETZ at 25 i was petrified just reciving my smear results (thanks google) but the ladies here are great at reassuring  me and have encouraged me to speak with someone close (my partner) as i didnt tell anyone, just dont worry and know u have support. Like many women on here and im sure myself u will be fine worrying dont make things better or easier just relax and think positive. 


Good luck 




Hey, I know it's hard to think positive but remember theyre low grade changes, usually these get better on their own. Mine said high grade and even then my doctor said there's a chance it's not as bad/will improve on its own. Even if it's a mild pre cancer, it will takes years, even decades to develop. You've caught it early and you'll get the treatment you need, and after that you'll be called up regularly for smears so chances are you'll remain cervical cancer free for the rest of your life :) if you have to go for a colposcopy it's not that bad (don't read horror stories!) -  I'm a total wuss and was whimpering the whole way through then realised they'd done everything and it was over... Honestly it was as quick as a smear! 


Good luck, I'm sure it'll be nothing to worry about!