Help I am scared

Hi I am sorry but have noone to talk to I need advice. all my smear have been normal last one July 2013. The last few months I have had very bad peroids I have had blood when having sex not lots buts it's there and the last 2 months I have had bloodily discharge that has lasted a couple of days. I went to the doc and she didn't even look at me just send me on the  2 week referal I got a letter saying I have a pelvic scan on Monday morning. I am so scary because I googled it and it's coming back as cc. Just had a call from doctors all other swabs are clear. But the nurse wouldn't do another smear as she said I was not due and they wouldn't look at it .is this true?




my mum died of bowel cancer at the age of 29. I am 35 with four boys and frightened.:(

Hello Annmarie,

First of all, stop Googling right now! ;) Only your docs can find out what's going on and it might be nothing much to worry about. Things that are nothing to worry about don't make it onto Google very often. 

I can imagine that Monday seems like a lifetime away but the pelvic scan will give information on what is going on in your pelvis. If they want to have a close look at your cervix, maybe they will book you in for a colposcopy. Whatever, you are being looked at and your healthcare team will take care of you and work out if anything needs to be done. The smear only looks at the cells on the cervix so don't worry about missing out on that at this stage. I reckon the pelvic scan will give much more information.

I know you are frightened and it's hard not to worry - everyone on this forum knows that  - but try to distract yourself as much as possible. With four boys I imagine you are pretty busy! :) Please, please, stop Googling and come to this forum for support if you think you are going out of your mind. We do understand what it's like to wait for results. Hang in there, Annmarie and I hope you find out what's going on in your pelvis very soon.

Kirsty xx

Thank you very much for replying. I feel like I am ok one min and the the next I am busting into tears. I am staying away from google from now on. I will be sticking with you.

Oh, Annmarie, I remember  that so well! Fine one minute and then in a total panic. It comes on so suddenly, doesn't it?

Glad you're ditching Google and sticking with us! ;) Sending hugs!

Kirsty xx

Hi Annemarie,  You are reacting perfectly normally, we have all gone through it.  I am 2 1/2 years in remission, but have been having tests for the past few weeks to see if I have a further cancer.  I have contacted Dr Google, who told me I have Bladder cancer.  Well, Monday I had my Cytopscopy, and guess what, apparently I don't.  Dr Google doesn't know about all the other options, he is only there to scare you, that is his job, and he is very good at it.

Rest assured.  If you have bleeding from anywhere, vagina, bowel, bladder.  It is an automatic fast track referral, which means you get seen within a maximum of 2 weeks.  This stops you getting lost in the system and stops you being anxious for 16 weeks.


Pelvic scans show many things.  My friend had one the week before Christmas, again she was under the fast track.  She has a cyst and it is benign, so that is good news.  Cancer is ONE of the things it could be, but there are dozens of other causes.  Whatever it is, you will know very soon and you will feel a lot better.

Post anytime, it helps, it really does. x

Thank you very much. This week is taking so long.

I keep gtesting sharp pains that make me stop what I am doing then I can feel discharge. I am so worried now and feel I am making myself worst.:(

Oh, Annmarie, you're going to notice every little thing for a bit. That's what happens to most of us! :)

As April says, there could be lots of reasons for the symptoms and it's not in your job description to work it out. Someone with lots of training is going to scan your pelvis in a few days and you will feel much better once you know what's happening. In the meantime, try to do some things to distract yourself (not Google! ;)) and be kind to yourself. If you feel your mind is whirring and you can't turn it off, you could try downloading a mindfulness app for your phone. There are quite a few free ones. I find a man with a gentle voice telling me to notice my breathing calms me down considerably! I know it's a long week but every minute that passes is a minute closer to relief. Sending calming hugs!

Kirsty xx

Thank you very much. I am just going to take it one day at a time. 3 days to go.

Hi everyone, so I had my appointment this morning Well the have found a cyst on my right ovaries.

they have made a few other appointments for me tonight at 7 colposcopy and on the 2nd feb to the hysteroscopy clinic And bloods test.

i don't know how I feel.

thank you very much ladies.x