Help I am confused !


Hi all

I had 2 biposy's taken and got the results back yesterday, the Dr rang me to tell me I am at stage 2 early (so i am guessing stage 2A) but because of my age 29, they wont treat me and instead are putting my case to a panel on the 5th march !

Does anyone know why this is I have insisted on treatment but they refused until the panel.



Hi there,

I read your post and we have stuff in common so I thought I could help a little. I have stage 2A cc and am also 29. I was diagnosed 9.1.13 and met with my consultant a couple of days later. Since then I have had an MRI, CT and now await a PET scan in one week. The MDT meetings are every week at my hospital and they use a video link to talk to specialists from  another hospital. I have been discussed twice at these meetings and they want to do a PET scan before making a decision on treatment. They are saying they want to be absoloutley certain of what they are dealing with before organising treatment. I was wondering if you have had any scans done? I heard that you must start treatment within 49 days of being diagnosed, which helped me in terms of time scales. The waiting is not good but they must get treatment absoloutley right. My consultant told me because I am young they want to be certain of treatment options. I have to say I do telephone often for updates and I also have a macmillan nurse who is great in terms of support and info, have you got a macmillan nurse? If not you can ask your consultant to put you in touch with one, I find they are great for keeping you in the loop. Sorry I can't be more helpful but if there is anything else you need even just a bit of support feel free to write back x x x x

Hi newlyworried,

Did you get the info you needed?