HELP hemorrhaging after lletz

hi im new to all this im 24 and was told i had hpv virus and sever abnormal cells last month 2weeks ago today i was given lletz treatment since the treatment iv had a constant discharge and did develop a slight infection in the first couple of days what im worried about is yesterday morning when i woke up i was bleeding  i was bleeding for half hour and passed 4 large clots and lost about 3-4 pints of blood i ended up in hosp and later discharged saying its probably an early period and to monitor iv now got pain across my pubic bone groin and am still slightly bleeding.

is this normal? what do i do? has anyone else had anything similar because if im honest the doctors seemed just as clueless as i am

any help or advice is better than what i have now  

hi hon,

lots of us on here have had nasty bleeding after procedures. Did they do anything to stop the bleeding in hospital? Does it look like your period, or is it a much brighter red? Keep a very close eye today and if you think you are still bleeding rather than having your period go straight to a and e. 

it's horrible and the clots are nightmarish, you have my sympathy.

take care, Molly xxxx

Jen the same happened to me, I was in hospital for 3 days.  It feels like the bleeding will never end but it will!  Mine wasn't an infection but they told me that where the area had been sealed, it had opened up again.  If you're not happy with what they told you, go back.  I had to call 111 and they told me to go to A&E anyway, and an ambulance was with me very quickly.  It could be an infection.

iv more or less stopped bleeding just spotting and when i go for a wee. iv got bad pains in my groin across my pubic bone and into my legs. iv never had period pains before so i dont no if thats whzt they are or an after effect of the blood loss but no pain killers are easing my pain. the blood was dark red iv never had a period like that im usually a light bleeder. i phoned the gyni ward about my pains and they told me to just drink plenty. i feel like im harping on but do i go back about these pains or are they normal. i dont seem to get any answers from any doctors and i think the pair of you have given me more answers than any doctor has thankyou very much for your help



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Dark red sounds more like a period than active bleeding. Could be that the pain is period Combined with procedure. Rest rest rest for next couple of days then hit the docs if no better. I don't mean literally, even if you feel like it!

hugs, Molly xx