Help Heavy bleeding & pain following LLETZ treatment and biopsy or is it my period?

Hiya, I am new here...

had a smear on 21st feb, received letter 27th Feb saying sample tested HPV positive and it showed there are changes to some of the cells called ‘high-grade (moderate) dyskaryosis’ so I was given an appointment to see gynaecologist on tue (13th march) to my surprise I was before they even looked I was told I would be having a LLETZ treatment under local anaesthetic and 2 big biopsies.. I should get results in 4 weeks....


Now I was due on my period a few days before this appointment but still hadnt come on they did a pregnancy test to check which was negative...yesterday I had some light bleeding following the treatment today I am in a lot of pain and bleeding heavy bright red....does anyone know if this is just my normal period or anything I should be concerned about??

many thanks



I recently had LLETZ treatment and for about 10 days I was fine with just a panty liner. Then on the 11th day I had really heavy bleeding and bright red blood but my nurse had said to expect this anytime between 7-14days after the procedure as this will be the scab coming off (sorry, grim I know!). Imagine a scab on your knee coming off and how it bleeds after, it's like that so should stop within a day or so. Mine stopped two days later. If you are worried I'd call your GP but it sounds exactly like what I had.

Hope you heal quickly, I'm almost at the 4 week mark now and dying to get back in the gym, the rest has been killing me!


Meg x


13th Dec 2017 - 1st smear age 25

2nd Jan 2018 - results back: mild cell changes and positive HPV

19th Jan 2018 - colposcopy and 5 punch biopsies 

5th Feb 2018 - results back: CIN3, LLETZ treatment required

19th Feb 2018 - LLETZ treatment

8th March 2018 - results:  no evidence of CC, back in 6months to check all gone


Ok fab thank you I am sure it is normal xx