help from ladies who had the LLETZ precedure

Hi can anyone help me with the lletz precedure does it hurt and how you feel after. i had my biopsy back and said i did have abnormality cell.

thanks for any answers

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve had the Lletz done… And honestly it wasn’t as bad as I feared! I actually found the biopsies worse!
When you go in they pop you in the same position and use the speculum… Then they numb up the area with local anaesthetic… This was just abit pinchy. But when they carried out the Lletz I couldn’t actually feel anything… I even watched it on the screen!

afterwards I was abit slow… But I didn’t have any pain just abit uncomfortable. Try not to worry! :slight_smile:

All the best
Em xx

I didn't find it painful either - the injections made my legs shake like crazy which was a bit weird but that's pretty much all I felt throughout it. My recovery from it wasnt too bad either - sore for a day or two but had less pain and bleeding than I'd had with my biopsies. After a couple of weeks I had a few days where i had bad PMS (bit emotional and very bloated) but aside from that fine. I will say though, you might get some side effects that seem a bit weird and weren't mentioned to you at the hospital (like when the wound starts healing you might see some black flecks when you go to the loo) but this forum is great for a quick "did anyone else get this?!" post which will put your mind at ease x

Had mine yesterday. The thought of it all was so much worse than the reality. The nurses were reassuring and smiley - everything seemed to be geared towards making it as effective and dignified as possible. I'm not an anxious dental patient but curiously I found it more bearable than a dental treatment.
I had two LA injections which I barely felt and was just conscious of activity in my nether regions but couldn't feel anything. It was all over very quickly.  I felt a tiny bit light headed immediately afterwards but drove home and had a quiet day. I've had some mild period like pains since and have been taking paracetamol which really help.
My tips would be;
Make sure you've had something to eat and are well hydrated before your appointment.
Take some deep slow breaths when you lie down to help relax your  muscles and try to  keep this up during the treatment. If you are tense it will feel worse.
Take your own pad if you prefer not to have an NHS nappy
I found looking at the screen during the exam (not the lletz itself) really helpful - it helped to engage with the dr and understand what she was seeing and what it meant. It also made it real and gave me a sense of proportion about the whole thing. I trusted her to remove the abnormal area because I could see what she was talking about if that makes sense! 
Hope it goes well x

Hi I had mine under ga so can't easy what its like but afterwards I was sore for couple of days didn't really bleed just a stain like discharge with black flecks in I presumed this was when they seal it of but don't know for sure after couple of days I sort of went but mad doing loads if stuff but paid for it as ended up in bed fir couple if days tho I started my period the same day so could of been that I didn't need any pain killers at all even tho the hospital sent me home with strong ones i have a very low pain barrier so was shocked i didnt need them fir me the thought abd the waiting was the worse bit hope all goes well for you my advice is just try take it easy for at least a week afterwards hugs jayne xxx